Catering Menu


Mezze Platter

Create your own combination of any hot or cold appetizers
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Strained yogurt dip served with walnuts, mint, and drizzled with olive oil
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Tomato feta bread

Sliced tomatoes with melted feta cheese, oregano and extra virgin olive oil baked on crisp pita bread
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Roasted Potatoes

Seasoned with rosemary, garlic, oregano, drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Chicken Strips

Crisp white meat chicken strips with French fries
$50 half, $85 full



Layers of ground beef, potatoes, sliced eggplant topped with a creamy cheese béchamel sauce baked to a golden perfection
$70 half, $110 full


Grape Leaves

California grape leaves stuffed with fresh herbs parsley, onions and rice
$4.95 per person (5 piece per person)
(min 7 person)



Fried chickpeas mixed with vegetables served with tahini sauce
$4.95 per person (5 piece per person)
(min 7 person)



Fried calamari served with marinara sauce
$6.95 per person (min 7 person)



Phillo pastry scrolls stuffed with spinach or ricotta cheese
$4.95 per person (4 piece per person) (min 7 person)



Small cubes of sautéed eggplant, green peppers, garlic, and fresh tomato served hot or cold
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)



Regular, cilantro jalapeno, roasted red pepper, Sundried tomato basil Homemade chickpea dip flavored with lemon juice, garlic and spices, topped with olive oil
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Baba Ganoush

Homemade grilled eggplant dip mixed with sesame seed sauce, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Yogurt & Cucumber Dip

Chopped cucumbers mixed with yogurt, garlic and mint
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)



Veal liver marinated in a blend of spices cooked to perfection
$6.95 per person (min 7 person)


Spinach Pie

Baked phyllo pastry dough stuffed with spinach and feta cheese
$50 half, $85 full


Tabouleh Salad

Parsley, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and brown wheat topped with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Mediterranean Salad

Chopped cucumber with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, kalamata olives and topped with crumbled feta cheese and dill



House Salad

Mixed greens, romaine heart, tomato, onion, cucumber, and bell pepper
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Caesar Salad

Crisp romaine lettuce topped with croutons and parmesan cheese
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Biladi Salad

Diced tomato, red onion, basil, roasted pepper, fresh mozzarella, croutons, and olives finished with balsamic vinaigrette
$6.95 per person (min 7 person)


Fattoush Salad

Romaine hearts, cucumber, tomatoes, and onions topped with pita tossed with sumac, lemon juice and olive oil
$4.95 per person (min 7 person)


Greek Salad

Romaine hearts, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives, drizzled with olive oil vinaigrette topped with feta
$5.95 per person (min 7 person)

Sandwich & Wrap Platters

Choose your own variety of sandwiches or wraps from our house menu
arranged on a platter and beautifully garnished
Call for pricing

Wrap Platter

Choose from any of our wrap options:
Falafel wrap, Mediterranean wrap, Caesar wrap, California wrap, vegetarian wrap
Choose wrap:
Whole wheat, sundried tomato, white
$125 serves 15-20 people


Vegetarian Platter

Choose from any of our vegetarian sandwich options:
Falafel sandwich or wrap, hummus sandwich, baba ghanoush sandwich, vegetable sandwich or wrap, mozzarella sandwich
$125 serves 15-20 people


Biladi Sandwich Platter

Choose from any of our sandwich options on our house menu (up to five sandwich variations)
Create your own sandwich:
(up to five sandwich variations)
Grilled chicken, steak, kofta kebab, grilled eggplant, falafel, chicken kebab, shish kebab
Roasted red pepper, fresh mozzarella, tomato, onion, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, arugula, spring mix, romaine
Balsamic, honey mustard, mayonnaise, oil, red wine vinegar
Choice of Bread:
Pita, Baguette, Italian bread, whole wheat wrap, sundried tomato wrap, white wrap

$125 serves 15-20 people

Vegetable Medley

Celery, carrots, cucumber, cherry tomato’s, green bell peppers and broccoli, garnished with black and green olives with ranch or homemade taziki sauce dip.

HALF $25, FULL $50


Chicken Kebab

Cubes of marinated chicken breast cooked on skewers
$9.95 per person (min 7 person)


Shrimp Kebab

Marinated Jumbo Shrimp grilled on skewers
$14.95 per person (min 7 person)


Salmon Kebab

Fire grilled salmon with herb butter and lemon sauce
$18 per person (min 7 person)



Tilapia filets grilled and topped with lemon
$12 per person (min 7 person)

Kofta Kebab

Ground sirloin and lamb blended with fresh herbs and spices
$10.95 per person (min 7 person)


Artichoke Hearts

Artichoke bottoms stuffed with ground beef cooked in a rich tomato sauce
$10 per person


Biladi Keftedes

Mixed ground beef and lamb meatballs baked in a sweet and spicy tomato sauce served with bulgur and steamed vegetables
$12 per person (min 7 person)


Shish Kebab

Cubes of marinated beef or lamb cooked on skewers
$10.95 per person (min 7 person)


Shawarma Platter

Chicken or mixed beef and lamb shavings
$9.95 per person (min 7 person)


Macarona Bechemel

A ground beef mixture between layers of macaroni baked in a béchamel sauce
$7.95 per person (min 7 person)


Lamb Shank

Braised lamb shank topped with onion mushroom fresh tomato in a demi-glazed sauce served with couscous and roasted potatoes
$15 per person (min 7 person)


Half tray serves 7-10
Full tray serves 10-15 


White Rice

Half Tray $25/Full Tray $50


Half tray $25/full tray $50


Steamed Vegetables

Broccoli, carrots, bell peppers
Half Tray $30/Full Tray $60



Half tray $25/Full tray $50


Corn On The Cob

 3.50 per person (min 7 person)


Homemade Baklava

Layers of phyllo pastry dough baked with honey and walnuts
$3.50 per person


Homemade Rice Pudding

$3.00 per person